Why Women Feel More Attached after Sex than Men

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Many of us have been in a relationship with someone who was all wrong for us yet we stayed because we felt a connection.It can be tough to figure out what’s going through our heads when this happens but what if it was actually beyond our control?There is a little talked about hormone nicknamed the cuddle hormone which is released during sex date online and could be effecting our relationships and sex lives and relationships in ways we have never thought of.It is one of our many hormones.

Both men and women have it and while its exact purpose is still unclear it increases in our systems during orgasm for men and women and during childbirth.It is released into our bloodstreams in response to breast or vaginal stimulation.According to a recent study women seem to prefer guys in free dating service who are attached.When researchers showed a picture to female participants, 59% said they would go after him after they heard he was single. But, when the same photo was shown to a different group with the explanation he was attached, 90% of the women would go for him.

The standout finding one that feels decades overdue is that women have sex not for babies or emotional intimacy but rather for reasons of attraction and pleasure, because it feels good in other words the same reasons men have sex.And men are not the only sexual conquistadors Women enjoy the thrill of dating sites the chase and can be just as viciously competitive with same sex rivals.And speaking of competition the book posits a theory of mate copying in which women are drawn to men who come pre approved by other women.

Who has not experienced a sudden tingle of attraction upon seeing another woman go after a man who was previously uninteresting? Plenty of fascinating generalizations are made, but the book’s real takeaway is that there is tremendous individual variety among women.Women like tall men shaped torsos and deep voices all of these attributes absolutely free online dating site are symbolic of high testosterone.They give symbols of status power, earning potential and strength.From an evolutionary perspective those are probably remains of needing a guy who could physically protect you and could go out and hunt down the antelope.In addition there are love maps.

Every woman has her own ideal of what she finds attractive.Some women like short men, some like curly blonds, some like dark bearded types. You often hear a women looking but love maps develop very early on when we are children.We develop a template of what we find attractive based on our experiences with people in the past.The number of premarital sex partners is a good predictor of infidelity post marriage.That applies for both men and women.The higher the number before marriage the higher the probability that there is going to be an infidelity in the marriage.Ultimately think that is a part of the reason for that double standard.

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