What do you wish you learned in sex ed?

Sexual Health 11 years ago (2010) Barbara
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I will soon be creating a proposal for the Clinton Global Initiative University for Planned Parenthood on a new approach toward comprehensive sex education.  I would like to take advantage of my recent spike in readership to ask all of you–what do you wish you had been taught in sex ed?

some examples of things I will be including are:

  • consent, consent, consent.
  • a discussion of virginity and what it means with regard to how teens approach sex today.
  • safer sex strategies, including proper use of dental dams, the HPV vaccine, and emergency contraception
  • exploration and sexual pleasure
  • masturbation as a low-risk alternative to partnered sex (plus other low-risk partner activities like kissing/mutual masturbation, etc)

what do you wish you had learned in sex ed?

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