What about Kissing and Cuddling in Christian Dating Relationships

Adult Dating 8 years ago (2013) Alexis
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Today I received an email asking whether or not kissing and cuddling are considered a sin by Christian singles engaged in Christian dating. There is nothing sinful about the activity of kissing or cuddling in dating sites depending upon the definition Christian singles give to these words.When is it okay and when is it something that becomes unhealthy?

The first place to begin in considering this type of interaction is with the Christian couple involved in Christian dating. Each of these single Christians needs to define what kissing and cuddling means to them. A kiss may be seen as a caring gesture and not have a sexual connotation to australian singles datingsites, while the other single Christian may be stimulated into sexual thoughts and response just by thinking about it.The topic is one that needs to be openly discussed and a definition that works for each single Christian in the Christian dating relationship needs to be mutually acceptable.

If a kiss leads either party toward stimulation of a sexual nature,I would urge Christian singles to back away from that activity as singles who want to remain pure before marriage.I did not say kissing is not fun. The world says that if it feels good, do it! There are many books christian dating relationships and movies written about older woman who made a choice to follow pleasure in lieu of wisdom.I invite you to read the story of David, Samson,and even Solomon in the Bible and see what price they paid for pursuit of pleasure.A pure Christian dating relationship that is not clouded by premature sexual activity honors God can therefore be more freely blessed and guided by God.

As for cuddling in Christian dating relationship, this can be harmless but the physical contact involved presents vulnerability and it is so easy for Christian singles to take the next step. A hand brushed across an area easily stimulated can quickly result in a bursting passion that commands to be fed. If you think this is an exaggeration, consider the fact that 1 in every 5 adults and teenagers in the US have a sexual disease. This fact is supported on the Center for Disease control christian dating relationshipssites.Someone has not used good sense to allow it to grow to this proportion. Christians and non-Christians alike are in this group. I am not about laying a guilt trip on Christian singles,but I am in to openly sharing the truth to save unnecessary heartache and bodily harm in Christian dating relationships.

No, I am not promoting this, but I do wish that more Christian singles would think about the power lying dormant when one practices kissing and cuddling without thought. There is much to be said for Christian singles just holding hands and allowing other forms of physical interaction dating profile.My encouragement for Christian singles is to not be focused on kissing and cuddling in Christian dating, but to be open and aware of the total person you are experiencing. Building relationships is not a hit and run proposition.Go for the slow,steady,deep pace and the pleasure and enjoyment will be so much more.

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