The Joy of Being in Singles Love

Adult Dating 7 years ago (2014) Alexis
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In my past I was in love with singles woman.I loved the way that I felt when I was in love with no question in my mind as to why or what that meant.I assumed that the woman loved was the cause of all of the keen,sometimes almost painful awareness of beauty in everything that connecting singles.I was experiencing appreciated and valued me therefore I felt more beautiful, lovable and loving.Now I know that it is not the woman that love causes me to feel that exhilarating glow or the magnificent sense of well being.

She is not the source of the energized life that I experience.My love has awakened something in me that I have forgotten, or that I never clearly saw as my own.My beloved has held a mirror before me, reflecting back to me my own hidden beauty and nature. This hidden inner beauty is pure love online singles dating sites the love that knows no limit and it is this that brings forth the ecstatic awareness of the preciousness of life in and around me.Being in love is reclaiming and living the hidden beauty.

This is truly the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves and to the world around us.To sustain that awareness of our true nature over a long period of time is one of our greatest challenges.We tend to become bogged down in the incredibly powerful and limited consciousness that surrounds singles dating websites it has taken many years many tears and much confusion for me to understand this for myself. Certainly, I did not learn this without a great deal of self-examination and soul searching. I have also had the most beloved team of Spirit Teachers to walk me through each step constantly communicating reminders of the meaning and importance of my experiences.

No matter how hesitant or resistant I was at times although I still find challenges in living this truth I do know that this is true, and that every relationship of any kind that I have experienced has brought its gifts to me even those that did not ultimately remain single women in my life.My teacher have repeatedly reminded me that our first and most important responsibility in any relationship is to clearly reflect what that woman is projecting to us.This is one of the most difficult tasks that we can undertake.It is also one of the greatest achievements that we can hope to claim in our human lives.

As we live together or interact on a constant basis we begin to notice things in our mate that we did not see earlier. Sometimes those things do not please us. We find it difficult not to become judgmental, often feeling resentment and blame toward the one who has disappointed us. We also begin to exhibit behaviors of our own that are not loving or gentle. When we fall into judgment of our beloved dating personal and ourselves we lose that magical lightness and joy of being together. This is confusing. This was not what we expected.We want so much for our relationship with our beloved to be always beautiful, unchallenged and easy.We want our love to be all that is needed in order to cause this to be so and ultimately it is all that we need. But we generally slip back into an overriding focus on our beliefs about ourselves and our lives.We lose the expanded focus that has given us the freedom to experience the ultimate happiness of being mates.

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