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Working as a male stripper is most definitely not a boring job. Every single week there is a wild orgy at the club I work at. You never know what is going to happen when a bunch of drunk chicks start partying and you have to get naked in front of them. They might attack you, grab your loot, or even try and suck your dick.

It result comes from some free dating website where almost 5000 males took part in this survey. Last weekend things got pretty insane at the club and I have the pics to prove it. Those cuties were freaking out. They were so fucking sexually excited, it’s like they had never seen a dick before in their lives. As soon as we got our clothes off, they bombarded the stage, grabbing our dicks and giving us blowjobs right out in the middle of the club. Before long, the evening had malformed into a full-blown cluster fuck with only a few of the cuties who refused to participate. Oh dude, what a fantastic job this is!

Women as enthusiastic as men to take part in group sex

A new study has exposed the ‘kinky’ world of Sex lover. The shocking study found that ladies are as keen to have group sex as men, and they initiate it almost as often.

The survey was conducted among members of Australia’s second biggest online dating site. Almost 40 per cent of respondents reported an equal gender split in the group encounter, while a further 30 per cent reported a majority of men taking part and 30 per cent a majority of women.

As per the survey, which drew 8763 responses from among its 1.5 million member listings, almost as many women as men prompt the idea of group sex – 46 per cent compared with 54 per cent.

The most common reasons given for group sex are excitement, variety and to spice up long-term relationships, reports The Daily Telegraph. The most common form of group sex is a threesome, the study found.

Relationship expert said the survey suggested women were more sexually unconventional than men. They want to have more adult online dating sites in their lives. “I thought you would find it tilted towards guys, but the reality is women are pursuing group sex just as much,” he said.

“Women don’t feel judged or watched by society the way men are feeling. Women’s sexuality is confident by the media and the men folk. Men tend to be a little bit shyer in the sex department, he added.

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