Link Carnival 2: a sense of humor, the end of sexism, and princess culture

Sexual Health 11 years ago (2011) Barbara
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My friends often send me links to articles, videos, and comics I would be interested in. I’m creating a list of them here to share with readers as well.

Fat, Ugly or Slutty–as somewhat of a gamer girl, I definitely relate to how video game culture can often be hostile to women. The creators of Fat, Ugly or Slutty have made a place for people to remember and laugh at the most ridiculous sexist insults that online video gamers can hurl at them. I freakin’ love this site! It’s like Holla Back for gamers.

Does Female Sexuality Need to be Fixed?–this article discusses some of the problems with Female Sexual Dysfunction. Mainly that it is based around a male-centric idea of what sex should be.

Social Media and the End of Gender–This TED talk examines how social media is changing advertising to be less sexist. I still disagree somewhat, because I still get 2-3 engagement ring ads every day on facebook despite marking each one as “offensive.” It seems to me that at least on facebook, ads are still sold to demographics and not altogether by interests. I guess advertising still has much to learn.

How I Learned What Sex Was–This is a collection of humorous anecdotes about misunderstandings when first learning about sex.

Saving Our Daughters From An Army of Princesses–A mother is dismayed when her daughter (who used to love running around in her overalls and playing with trains) enters preschool and suddenly becomes obsessed with princess culture.

Thanks to all that sent me these links–I didn’t thank you by name because I was concerned you wouldn’t want me to use it publicly. Nonetheless, I love receiving links.

see you soon!

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