How to Get a Woman to Treat You the Way You Deserve

Adult Dating 7 years ago (2014) Alexis
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You know the scenario to start dating with woman.After the first date all you get is a peck on the cheek.You get a mouth hold hands it is a very slow process.You can not understand why it has to take so long to have sex with the woman. You are buying her meals even splurged free online singles dating sites you are being incredibly nice to the woman.It comes down to human motivation.People behave in ways that cause them to get rewarded and avoid behaviors that cause them punishment.

So the reason why guys often have trouble getting laid is because they reward bad behavior.A chick will lead them on and then make it clear there won’t be sex that night yet the guy rewards her by cuddling with her.Respect is reciprocated.If you treat your singles online dating with women the respect she deserves she will in turn treat you with respect of you slap her she may not slap you back, but her respect for you is lowered.Barbaric acts that are meant to humiliate her should be avoided.

A better solution would be to punish the bad behavior by being a lot less interested in cuddling with her.Never underestimate the power of getting up from the couch and walking out the door.To harvest the full enjoyment out of life and to have women be attracted to dating personals you need to be an alpha male.That means being powerful so make sure you get treated the way you deserve to be.Then go ahead and do something nice for her.Take her on a date to a fancy restaurant.Telling you nice things that she would do for you if only she did not have a boyfriend and then withdraw your attention and go talk to other girls instead of her.

It is the dream of every woman to have a man who shall fight for her.It is the obligation of a man therefore to defend her woman.Your woman will treat you as you deserve.It is unwise to allow your woman to be mistreated in your presence.A woman is an emotional being.She needs somewhere she will be comforted in times of emotional breakdown.Be there for her when she needs you most she will also be there for you to treat women seeking men you the way you deserve.Failure to support her emotions only makes her get emotionally attached to someone else.A woman will most of the times need a man in order to make important decisions in her life.Be there to guide her when necessary. Such guidance will earn you a good treat from her.

women are not just into good looking and handsome guys.They want to be with a man who has his priorities in life straightened out a man who is successful in life.This is why you have to learn how to become successful in everything you do and you will have the girls singles dating site learn the art of how you can make people like you with singles girls dating be the guy whom everyone adores and girls will be more into you.Always look your best every time you are out in public and practice your conversation tactics.Having a good sense of humor can be a true chick magnet.

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