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One thing I have learned in my experience with online dating sites is a lot of men and women could use some advice and tips on how to do the “online thing”. Over time I’ll add more tips,and even some articles about Christian dating and relationships.Consider the tips below.

For Women:

Do not reveal personal information until you are sure you can trust the guy. If you’re in the phone book, all a person needs is your name and the state in which you live to track you down.If a guy pushes for a phone call or meeting before you’re ready for best free online dating that’s good.A godly guy should respect you enough to wait until you are comfortable moving forward.Don’t initiate. Let the guy take the initiative in moving forward, whether it’s a phone call, meeting or whatever. Personally, I’d rather make the initial contact,too.He’ll respect you more.

I recommend using a temporary email address, such as Hotmail, so that you’re not giving out your permanent email address right away. Make sure you don’t put your full name on your whatever email address you use. As as courtesy, you should respond to every guy who writes to you, even if you are not interested. Come up with a standard response like.Thanks for writing. After reviewing your profile meet singles dating sites provide a good match making.Thanks for writing, and God bless you.”In other words,let them down easy,but give them the courtesy of one response.

If you post pictures please use discretion with the pictures you choose.Don’t select pictures that are “sexy”showing a lot of cleavage or an extremely revealing dress.This can give the wrong impression and attract the wrong kind of guys.Christian sites there are guys who want a physical relationship or are only attracted christian dating relationshipsto the physical.Also, in my opinion, it is not a good idea to post pictures from Glamor Shots because they are usually not a good representation of the  real you.Instead  post pictures that show you doing something you enjoy, and and that really depict who you are.

For Men:

Don’t push a women to move too quickly. Be willing to respect her enough to wait for her to be comfortable before moving forward.Remember that these women are your sisters in Christ, treat them that way! That means honor, respect, kindness, gentleness, patience for dating personals and self control to name a few.You’re messing with God’s daughter,here.If you think it’s okay to violate God’s standard for sexual purity, you’re fooling yourself.

And don’t play the Bill Clinton game, defining sex only as intercourse.Sex includes intercourse, oral sex, touching of breasts or genitalia under or over clothes, simulated sex and masturbation.If a women tells you she’s not interested, just let it go.You don’t need to respond.There are plenty of other man and woman sites out there.As as courtesy, you should respond to every woman who writes to you, even if you are not interested. Come up with a standard response like; “Thanks for writing. After reviewing your profile, I don’t believe we’re a good match. Thanks for writing, and God bless you. In other words  let them down easy, but give them the courtesy of one response.

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