5 reasons to try silicone-based lube

Sexual Health 11 years ago (2010) Barbara
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When I volunteered as a Student Health Advocate at UCSD, we always talked about how lubricant is important for safe sex.  Back then, I was only allowed to encourage the use of water-based lube. . . but silicone has a great number of benefits over water-based, and it deserves some attention!

  1. It doesn’t cause yeast infections. Many water-based lubes contain glycerin, a type of sugar.  Although many lube companies deny it, glycerin does feed the yeast living in the vagina and contribute to overgrowth.
  2. It’s compatible with condoms. Silicone lube is not oil based, so it will not degrade condoms.  However, it is important NOT to use silicone lube with silicone toys, as they will interact and degrade the silicone toys.  Always use condoms on toys, and you can avoid this problem and make cleaning easier.
  3. It doesn’t dry out like water-based lube does. Silicone lube stays wetter longer, and is much silkier to the touch.  This is especially important because dry vaginal or anal tissues are much more susceptible to tearing than lubricated ones. In addition, a recent study suggests that lubricant use contributes greatly to sexual enjoyment.
  4. It doesn’t wash away easily. If you’re having fun in the shower, silicone lube is best.  While water-based lube can be easily removed with water, silicone is long lasting and slippery.
  5. It’s chemically inert. The silicone used to make lube is non-carcinogenic and does not interact with biological tissues in any way that compromises your health.

If you’re still not convinced that silicone lube is for you, but you don’t want to buy lube containing glycerin, please see this awesome youtube video for info on how to make your own flax seed lube from scratch.

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